XLN’s Senior Executive Coaching Forum Topics

XLN's CEO Executive Coaching Forum Topics

Forums are professionally facilitated groups of 12 hand-selected Senior Executives who meet monthly to confidentially discuss and resolve their professional challenges.

Leadership and Management

  • Millennials and managing/leading multiple generations
  • Goal setting – establishing objectives along with the associated strategies, best practices and tactics
  • Dealing with critical/urgent issues – you have a personal Board of Advisors with over 200 years of combined Senior Executive experience to help guide you through tough times
  • Setting and managing expectations with all stakeholders
  • Management and leadership styles, best practices, dynamics
  • Effectively communicating and partnering internally both laterally and vertically (“managing up”)
  • Gender and ethnic diversity in the workplace – best practices, strategies and lessons learned
  • Culture development and maintenance
  • Delegation – what, and how, to delegate more effectively
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Marketing and Business Development

  • Marketing/Business Development strategies and tactics (get best practices and different ideas from a wide variety of viewpoints/industries)
  • Operating in a dynamic and rapidly changing environment/industry
  • Designing processes and systems for scalability and sustainability (while still being flexible)
  • Technology – what corporate systems/strategies deliver the most “bang for the buck” (beware being on the “bleeding edge”)
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Operations and Finance

  • Employees – how to attract, and keep, good/great ones while avoiding/terminating bad apples
  • Operational efficiencies and best practices
  • Full time employees (W2) vs contractors – who does what? Why? Pros/Cons?
  • Remote employees and distributed work environments
  • Review process development, implementation and management for performance reviews and peer reviews
  • Best practices on budget and goal development/management
  • Navigating and thriving during corporate transformations (i.e. rapid growth/contraction, reorganizations, mergers/acquisitions, etc…)
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Personal Development

  • Work life balance – how to work “smarter”
  • Accountability – how to maintain it both for yourself and your team
  • Effective time management strategies
  • When to be more strategic vs. tactical
  • How to adapt quickly/nimbly when your industry/company changes rapidly
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